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The American Scheme (2013 Digital Deluxe Edition)

by Without a Face

Pumpkin Pie 03:05
I can backslide on the deals I've made Upon the weak ones I have always preyed With a smile I simply deceive them nationwide So many idiots just believe I'm on their side CHORUS: Feels like all I do is steal, kill, and destroy What makes it even more sad is it gives me joy And I'll never have to give an alibi It's my world to ruin, it's pumpkin pie END CHORUS A living hell for the greater good As long as it's not in my neighborhood Take comfort in beautiful speeches I bestow Though they are empty I think you are gonna love the show REPEAT CHORUS... And that's just why I'm in pursuit of the highest throne And I will pick you right down to the bone It's either me or you
Never Free 03:31
All day long I wonder what it is about the people who have never really seemed to even understand: this ain't quite the promise land. No way. A history of misery is no foundation to build upon. Save me from the disinformation and the half-truths that I have to see and hear even when I'm outside almost every single night and day. Many are deceived and I wanna scream that they got it wrong: you never really were free. The elite have a monopoly and call it 'democracy'. They call it 'freedom of speech'. Say what you want but it ain't like it makes a difference to them when you speak. Is my free will fake or real? Am I a thread in a tapestry? Put me on a space ship. Fly me far away. Far from the pettiness of everything I say. Why does peace make me sound so weak? It takes strength to just turn that cheek. Show me some place with no bloodshed. Then I'll know I am surely dead.
Oh my, my. What wonderful warmth permeating through you and that is quite a lack of ego that you got there, but you are no answer to my prayer. Pretty friend, spill the coffee grounds or maybe hold back I got a balancing act just like a tight-rope walking mime, I'll just shut up for the sake of show time. CHORUS: I feel as empty as a campaign promise Lurking 'round the corners of your rib cage Lonely as a man who's honest You know there ain't a lot of people like that these days. And I feel so puppetted and pushed around, so irrelevant ...You make me feel like a President. END CHORUS Oh now, now. Haven't got a clue, you're just about oblivious as anyone who ever believed that we have a true choice to any degree. Constituents, it's unanimous. You'd better take cover when it comes to your lover don't let them fix your heart's election just for kicks. (REPEAT CHORUS) BRIDGE: Ever since we were kids playing on the playground I have been well-groomed for what I thought was my will but it's not, and i am going through the motions I feel bought, so used up, yet the spotlight's such a thrill! (REPEAT CHORUS)
You don't like people that are different than you. Naw, you don't like people that are different than you! Well is it because of the color of their skin? Just too much or not enough melanin? I heard that deep down, we're all African. Well is it because of their beliefs or a lack thereof, well goodness-me. Do you have different political views? C'mon bubble boy, I've got some news. There's a whole lot of people who think they're right, if you hear them out then you just might see that minds won't change when you just fight. Well is it because of who they kiss or do they have a dense reading list? Yeah, do they seem to be un-edu-muh-cated, their political party's the one you've always hated? Red team, blue team, we all scream for ice cream. Everybody poops should be our theme! Except you don't like people that are different than you. Naw, you're not interested in how they got their own worldview. Why label some one by their destination when their journey is more important information? Is this the US? What in tarnation!? Yeehaw! There are different people...Don't be shocked when you meet different people!
Flag 03:54
I can't seem to pick a side. Feel like every side is wrong. And I don't know who to confide. Please rebuild what is now gone. Is it sheer insanity? Are we sinking by design? In this world of vanity, do I deserve anymore time? CHORUS: My nation's flag is made in a foreign land. What's even worse, it's not even in demand. I am so confused. Why should I salute? Is this what I am to pledge allegiance to? END CHORUS They claim this Earth to be advanced. Why does ignorance abound? They debate each other's stance while nearly all of us have drowned. If I am to swim aboard, they would have me walk the plank. For if I report my accord, I would expose just how we sank. Oh I can feel its pulse. It is slowing down. That sleeping giant ain't gonna wake up now.
I cry out tyranny, our rights don't exist and that's what gets my name on some watch list In a modern debate, only zingers are exchanged Except I give facts so they call me strange It's all sewn up, I'm not sure what to believe When some one's dictating the news I read Both sides of the aisle were bought out long ago By patient people who I'll never know CHORUS: Sometimes it seems like there's no end in sight They act unlawful and say that it's right I am not subject to such evil plans And that's because I am a sovereign man END CHORUS It's a global shakedown, I hope it's trickle-up misery If the top dogs flinch, it's a small victory Divide and conquer, I feel the clamps are coming down And they prefer that you don't make one sound REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE: It's a rude awakening, they try to tell you that we need a police state to make us safe Am I to be a prisoner of corporatocracies? Just let me out, I want my liberties How much power do they need? REPEAT CHORUS
They used to cheer for me. I'd wave through all the parades. Confetti poured from the rooftops for I made not a mistake. But as age crept in, my senses faltered; so did their memories. I was reviled into a corner of who I used to be. CHORUS While the world turns inside out, once it all happens ...I'll be chillin' on the front porch of my log cabin. END CHORUS They would look out for me. The scum, the dregs of the town. Ya never knew when I would drop by. I could do so without a sound. They laugh at me now more than talk-shows without an ounce of fear. I want what they had always hoped for, wish I could disappear. REPEAT CHORUS They would welcome me with open arms and say "Job well done!" Now they all whisper against me I'm, supposed to remain shunned. There's no glory in a lifetime spent giving yours away, but that is not why I chose my path back in my hey-day. REPEAT CHORUS
Girl I been eye-in' you ever since you walked on through That naked body scanner so I think that is my cue To take you to the side, yes, I know you're a single mom But shawty, you suspicious 'cause yo body is the bomb So, now that I got you at my airport I'm gon' show you just exactly what TSA stands for. Put your baby carriage down on the floor I'm gon' make you scream, 'cause TSA means... CHORUS: I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault and do it real slow from head to toe I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault it's part of my job, so it ain't my fault I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault and I'ma bring my appetite and give you a bite I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault the nation ain't safe until you get raped END CHORUS For real, I think that your Grandpa's boobs Might have hidden nukes And I'ma touch his junk and Leave him feelin' used Old ladies and pretty baby boys I'll take off they diapers to make sure I stay employed So now that I got you at my airport I'm gon' show you just exactly what TSA stands for Now that I got you at my airport Time to get screened, maybe double-teamed (REPEAT CHORUS) RAP: (Without a Face...Here we go...) Uncle Sam's got a chance To stick his hands down in yo pants Big Brotha putting Grandmotha into a trance Getting pretty freaky like a 5th grade dance What can I say? I'm a feel-you-up fiend One big mean molesting machine dream-team I'ma give y'all sexual assault I'ma pull Johnny's little Jimmy out the vault And if the momma ask why, it's because I said so You up next, too, momma, do what I said, hoe Starts at the airport, then we go to Walmart To get T&A before you get a shopping cart Let's get twisted quite gifted with it I really wanna whip it bondage and lingerie with a little bit of role play You a dumb sheep, I'm TSA END RAP (I wanna give you) Twisted Sexual Assault to your Grandma, your daughter-in-law I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault I know ya like that, and so will your cat I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault and I'ma bring my appetite and give you a bite I wanna give you Twisted Sexual Assault the nation ain't safe until you get raped (with a little bit of more role play) I'll be the politician, you can be my page You be the tiger, I'ma let you out the cage You be the Jedi, and I'm the padawan I'll be Harry Potter, you can touch my wand I'll be the young student, you can be the teach I'll be the choir boy, you can be the priest You the shawty-in-distress, and I am James Bond TSA all day, dusk until dawn I need to touch you ma'am It's for protection, baby
Earthlings 04:13
Me and my friends, well, we all live on Mars; there's nobody ever around. We just pretend that our neighbors will fly up on over and land on the ground. Father once told me when he was a youngin' that he had met two Earthlings. They were so wide-eyed, quite polite guests but they said some peculiar things... "Where's your leader? We come in peace. Well I guess for now, we do at least. Have you any diamonds? Have you any silver? Oh, where can it be?" Dad said that he felt their smiles were forced - that they thought him to be dumb. Expendable like the riches they sought just because of where they came from. He pitied them for they asked him to speak about all our military might. "Boys", he explained, "I've never been down your way, but here up on Mars we don't fight". ...And they just stood there scratching their helmets. The rock samples fell to the floor. "You've never had a conflict? Never been to battle? Oh, what is a world without war?!" "Ha ha! You humans are killing me! Now you know it's not us visiting your skies! Tried to stay hidden from you, figured it was wise! You look for some kind of sign in outer space all the while true love is staring you in the face! You measure worth by the wealth that you've got but your value ain't achieved unless you gave a lot! So many in your world with so little stay unknown. Maybe you humans deserve to be alone! 'What is a world without war?!' You got to be kidding me, you humans are killing me!" What is a world without war?
Baby Rhino 02:15
If I was a rhinoceros, I'd stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue. All the asses and elephants would have to start anew. For in the wake of my destruction would lie the power money would did buy. All the call-girls and charlatans would be in short supply. Baby Rhino come on through, you know this bedlam is nothing new. It's such a zoo. After that I would promenade on up to Wall Street. All the snakes and the little pigs would not escape my stampede. Baby Rhino come on through, you know this bedlam is nothing new. You know this town covers up the truth. It's such a zoo.


released January 29, 2013

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, & 10 mixed by J. Hall. Tracks 3, 4, 6, & 8 mixed by Mike Thompson. Executive Produced by Nickolas Blazina. Mike Thompson produced tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, & 9. Engineered by Mike Thompson, Nickolas Blazina, & Waldo John Wittenmeyer. Album Mastered by Brad Blackwood. Artwork by Mark Tatara. All Drums by Trey Willis. All Bass Guitar by Chris Houghton. Darrin Love plays lead/rhythm electric guitar on tracks 6 & 7. Juan Flores and Ricky Gonzales play trumpets, Adrian Teti plays trombone, Kevin Gibbs plays saxophone, and Vince Pierce plays clarinet on track 7. Violins on track 2 by Josh Smith & violins on tracks 1, 4, and 9 by Kirk Reedstrom. Banjo & Pedal Steel Guitar on tracks 4 and 9 by Jackie Jones. Cello on track 1 by Mark Ford. Mandolin on track 6 by Gabe Bravo. B-3 Organ on track 6 by Lars Nightengale. All songs & lyrics by Henry Dillard. Special Thanks to Nathan Noise of "The Noise Revival Orchestra" for finding clarinet, cello, trombone & saxophone players! Special Thanks to Mike Thompson for finding drums, bass, and trumpet players!


all rights reserved



Without a Face Houston, Texas

WAF was founded in 2004. 3 albums, 2 EPs & 2 singles have been released since 2009. Some cool stuff has happened during this time frame. Some non-cool stuff has also happened. WAF will continue to do the music journey tho. ayyyye

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